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About Me

I am doing Blender tutorials on Youtube for a little bit more than a six months. It all started like a motivation for me to learn new language and to share my knowledge about Computer Graphics. I've got big support on my channel and that is the biggest motivation to keep videos coming. My 1 minute tutorial series is representation of my idea to learn new things.

I am passionate about a lot of things, but mainly you can sum all of them in few categories which are engineering, human development, positive thinking and learning new things. However, in a last 5 years I'm spending most of the time getting my Masters degree in electrical engineering. I'm finding biggest inspiration for tutorials in my town, while walking down the streets. In not so distant future, there is a plan to start making 1 minute tutorials which will cover Linux OS.

For now my equipment is not something that will make you jealous. I am using dual core PC for modeling, screen-recording and karaoke microphone for recording my voice (that's obvious).

That is it, “simple like beans” (we use that phrase in Balkan region when something is really simple). If you have any questions, you can email me at the end of this website and if you want to support my work you can donate me via PAYPAL.


I started my computer graphics journey before 4 years and still find new things to learn and try.

600+ Subscribers

I started my youtube channel to help anyone trying to find easy and fast tutorials which are great to learn something new or remind yourself of some trick.

Electrical engineering student

Currently completing the second year of Masters degree in Automation field.

Linux Enthusiast and supporter

In my work I use only open source and free programs, I am big believer in open source community.

What they think

"Daan has not only worked on a simple and easy course to follow, but also with other animation and modeling projects, and with his experience, you can learn a lot from him!"  - Josh Autumn

Support my work

Where I spent your donations

  • Microphone ($120)
  • Computer ($2100)
  • Video Camera ($1000)
  • Maintance ($100)


I spent 5-6 hours to make one short tutorial. That amount of time is needed to make it simple and easy as possible, but I need your help to make videos better. For now, my biggest wish is to get new microphone, because I am using very cheap karaoke one.
Any amount of bucks is welcome. If you have any suggestions or wishes about some topic or something like that you can even e-mail me on: milesdaan@gmail.com 

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Daan Miles