There are built-in blender add-ons that I use almost constantly in my work. It is great to see that we get all of these for free in a regular Blender installation and don’t forget these are only a few of them. For a some of the add-ons on a list, I have made separate tutorials so you can visit my youtube channel for more. Please note that add-ons on this list are not in some particular order.


Name of this addon presents everything that you need to know about it. You can add bolts by going to the add menu and in mesh category you will find “Bolt” option. There are some presets where you can find some typical bolts but you can make your own using these sliders here. There is an option to even change bit type in Philips, Allen or none. If you want to make nut you need to open the model drop-down menu and choose nut option.
What I like about this addon is that you can make any possible bolt that you can imagine and in a few steps without redesigning everything from the beginning.

Ivy Gen

When I find out what this addon can do I was happy that I needed to make the tutorial about it. You can make perfect looking ivy in less than a few minutes. It is easy to use and to understand. Just point your 3D cursor where you want ivy to start and this addon will do everything for you. Planty of options will give you enough of space to play with all different sorts of ivy. For more about this you can watch my tutorial about making ivy in a less than 5 minutes.

Image as planes

This addon imports images and creates planes with them as textures. In this way, you get perfect dimensions of the plane for the selected image. You can import a single image or all images in one directory.

Node wrangler

If you are using cycles this addon is MUST use. It makes workflow so much faster. This addon will give you more control over node tree. For example using CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK, will show you in the view-port render whatever node you select. If you select texture node and hit CTRL+T this addon will create the texture coordinate and the mapping nodes for you. And the best one for me is Lazy connect, you Alt+Right Click and draw a line between two shaders or nodes, and it will give you a way to mix them.
There are much usable tricks that this addon can do but these three are the ones that I use constantly.

Cell fracture

This is one of the plugins that you can use in any destruction scene. Destroying a wall or even whole building can be done in minutes. It usually gives great results but don’t forget that object you are destroying needs to be made from one peace and object needs to be solid without holes in the mesh. If you want to see how to use this addon you can watch my one minute tutorial about it. It is my best viewed tutorial of all time.

Extra objects

Extra objects is the blender addon which will give you more objects in a mesh category of add menu. There are plenty of them to choose but for me, rounded cube and twisted tours gives so much place to find some new applications.

A.N.T. landscape

To be honest I am not using this addon very often but that doesn’t mean that it is bad. You can create any kind of a landscape with it in 2-3 minutes. It can be a valley, mountain, hill or whatever you can imagine. It comes with a lot of options which you can change to get results which you need.

That is it guys, there are a lot of other addons which I didn’t mention, tell me which on of these you use in daily work. Until next post, Živjeli!


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