The difference between doing things fast/spontaneously and doing them calm/on schedule can be seen on every object that I make. Whenever I start making something right after watching youtube video, or while I am studying for my college degree I get bad looking model which is probably not only bed looking but also very bad modeled. From my experience I found helpful to make 15 minute break before I start making anything. So, these are my habits before opening Blender.

Make some coffee

Lately, I am not some big fan of coffee. But one Nescafe can be great distraction from anything what you have been doing before you start thinking of modeling. It is fast and easy to make, I can “brew” one in only 2-3 minutes and usually the smell of it gives me even more motivation to do things in the right way. Knowing that I have cup of hot beverage on my desk is just great.

Clean your desk

Whatever I am doing before modeling needs to go away. I like to have clean and well lighted desk in front of me. Sometimes it is harder to clean my desk than to animate some model, especially because I use to eat on it (I know… Not very great habit). Monitor, speakers, keyboard, pen and notebook are only things that I need when modeling, nothing less nothing more.

Turn up some music

This is one of these things that are must have. Some background noise can motivate me and it usually helps to lose sense of time. Lately, Parov Stelar is the one of the artist that I am listening while modeling. Good rhythm and great bass lines gives me a lot of fun. If you didn’t heard for him until now, my honest recommendation.

Sketch it!

When I start modeling almost 5 years ago I just modeled everything from my head, and after a year or two I decided to buy grid notebook to sketch everything in it. I can check all scales to see does everything look good, and if I need to model something tomorrow or next week I can write notes to not lose my thoughts until then. It is timesaving device which will make your models look better almost instantly. Usually you will need more time to sketch something then 15 minutes but it is time well consumed.

That is it folks. This is how I spend 15 minutes before starting to model. As you can see this works pretty well for me, so if you have some of your habits that you want to share with me, feel free to leave a comment. I will be very happy to respond.


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