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River in the mist


Two weeks have passed since my return to hometown. I have been enjoying the company of my friends and slacking off on finding a job. Honestly, I am not sorry at all!

I had a job interview in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb a few days ago and I had visited book fair “Interliber”. I was surprised by cheap prices of books and after a while of looking around the piles and piles of books, one title caught my eye. If you’ve read my previous blog post, you know it’s Nick Vujicic’s book “Life without limits”. I was inspired by this couragoues, remarkable man, learning about his life has helped me appreciate more what I have instead of complaining about what I do’t have.

I leave you with a photo below, that was taken a while ago on Labour day. Everybody in the city grills veggies and meat on that day, which is why there is a lot of smoke on the water.

Have a great day!




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