At the end of the book Blink written by Malcolm Gladwell, there is a part where you can find a study which shows that human face is not a secondary billboard for our internal feelings. It is a partner in making our emotions. For example, if you put a pan between your teeth your face is already in a “smiling” position, in this way it is easier to find comedians funnier.

This made me think about all situations where I try to find an answer from people not based on their words but from their face. Just imagine if you are in conversation with your business partner and you want to know his/her opinions on your ideas. You can listen what they are speaking but if your business partner is your close friend or relative they will have some kind of a filter while discussing your idea. If you look at expressions on their face you will probably find pieces of information that are more honest and not so filtered. Keep in mind that people who make a business buy handshaking usually know how to control their face and it is hard to know are they faking some emotion.

An ex-FBI agent Joe Navaro in his book “What Every BODY is Saying” says that the honest emotion and feeling you can find on a human body are from their legs. We are wired to hide our feelings on the face, neck, hands and even shoulders. But our legs are the most distant part of our body. Usually, our legs are hidden by our work desk or we are standing on the street. Because of this, it is unusual for someone to learn how to hide their feelings which are displayed by legs.

For me, it is weird to know that the most honest display of feelings is legs and micro-expressions on the face of our interlocutor. Be aware that reading other people body language is a hard and tricky job. A lot of times our brain can “read” body language in a second, but it is not bad to perfect this skill further worth.


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