I absolutely love nature and the outdoors. Going to a trail or forest just brings out the best in me. To be away from the business of civilization and just relax and appreciate the little things keeps me grounded. The best part of Croatia is that you can go to pure nature in just half an hour. Last winter I went to Krka national park! To be brief, it was an incredible experience. It was not my first visit, but it was definitely special, especially because they didn’t start working full time and the place was almost empty. So, it was easy to walk around and make some photos.

About Krka

There are several sections of the river to consider and all of them are open to public. Upper part of the river starts in Knin and amazing Krcic waterfall is one of the main attractions of that section. Slowly moving south, river Krka reaches Ivosevci and ruins of Burnum, Roman military camp. Just bellow the ruins is Manojlovac waterfall which is not easy to get to but well worth it. One of the most amazing hiking trails in Dalmatia! The river flows south to Manastirska Draga and Serbian Orthodox Monastery which holds a very unique collection of artwork but also Roman graves deep in the basement.



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