Are you struggling to find the best and utilizable gifts for your traveler buddies? (Tough life though). Most of the times our struggle goes wrong and we end up getting things that just occupy space in their bags, never to be seen again. And sometimes we might end up wasting our money on getting them something that won’t even see the light of the day (BEEN THERE DONE THAT).

But don’t worry I will get the work done for you. The purpose of this gift guide is to get them the thing they will need the most during their travel.

So before buying travel gifts, you must consider the following points:

–  It should be practical
–  It should be absolutely necessary
–  It should be smaller
–  It should be lighter
–  It should be affordable

This is the first time I am going to write this gift guide on my blog to make sure that you get the gifts that are realistic, practical and affordable. Trust me I don’t expect you to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on gifts. We have got best intentions when getting gifts but who has who has got thousands of dollars to spend money casually on gifts?

Here is a list of 7 best gifts for travelers without which they won’t be able to leave their homes:

Portable humidifier

This humidifier is an accessory that is ideal for the devoted travelers who feel that their skin has been struck by the harsh surroundings. It adds moisture to the dry air and prevents the skin from being dry and flaky due to exposure to changing environmental conditions during traveling. It also reduces the risk of infections as germs can’t travel well in the moist air. Besides it also helps you to enjoy a good sleep. It is perfect for traveling as it won’t take much space in their backpacks.

Waterproof phone case

This is a perfect gift for those visiting tropical destinations where the humidity is undesirable for electronics. So that they can use their phones in rain and capture the most amazing moments without worrying a bit. I would recommend you to get those phone cases that don’t impede the sound quality.

Mini Massager

The massager is an ultimate need for traveling. It helps to relax muscles and provides relief from aches and pain after long days of sitting in the plane. It saves one from spending a sizeable chunk of money on relaxing therapies after travel. Always make sure to buy the one that has a good hand grip that makes it easy to use. So whenever your traveler buddies are craving a moment of relaxation all they have to do is to charge the batteries and move the massager gently waiting for the vibrations to relax the tensed muscles.

Water resistant shoe bag

Our shoes are exposed to all the dirt on daily basis! But even though we expose everything in our bag to everything we have ever stepped in. you can get any shoe bag to protect your luggage but I would recommend you to buy a water-proof bag. So that it protects your luggage from soaking by the rainy tips of your shoes. AND PEOPLE WILL LITERALLY THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT.

Travel neck pillow

This is perhaps the most functional thing one might need during traveling. They tend to reduce neck pain for a better sleep. One good choice is a U-shape neck pillow that supports your head and neck in a natural position and takes the stress off of your neck and shoulders. These neck pillows are also helpful to rest your head while sitting on a couch or reading a book in your bed. Don’t forget to get the one that is washable to ensure hygienic measures.

French press travel mug duo

This is the best gift to get for coffee lovers. This will definitely help you earn extra points! It makes great coffee on the go and is also quite affordable. It allows you to brew any coffee and saves you from the trouble of buying the over-brewed coffee during your travel.


I know, I know… This one sounds weird in the time of mobile phones and tablets, but it is much faster to write some random thought or a good place to visit on a paper. It can be a safety measure, because they can write important contacts in this notebook. In this way, if their phone stop working there is no problem in calling for a help. And it can’t run out of battery.



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