Louyang City, place in the middle of China which you don’t need to visit unless you want to go to see Longmen Grottoes. For me it was only 1 hour ride from my hotel so I decided to visit a place. Ticket of 15 $ and 15 minute ride from the entrance to the Hill with electrical bus was a fun experience. For some of Chinese I was big attraction (10+ sneaky photos only in a bus), but okey, when you are in China for 5 months you get used to it. For ones who don’t know Longmen Grottoes is regarded as the most famous and best preserved Budha Cave in China.

It needed almost 400 years to build this masterpiece which is wide 1 km (0.6 miles) and it is listed in World Culture Heritage and Relics by UNESCO in 2000. You can see more than 100 000 statues which are toll from half of the centimeter to 18 meters.

Biggest statue of Budha
Biggest statue of Budha

Walking alongside a river and looking all this caves and statues is so fascinating. Imagining how many people worked on this in the name of Budha is so mesmerizing. Thought that I had during my visit was who is the man with this idea. How do you find money and time to go from idea to realization? Why project like this is not done today?

Longmen Grottoes
Longmen Grottoes

The most famous legend about Longmen Grottoes is a little boy who always heard a voice which said: “don’t open” in Longmen area while he was herding sheep. This situation happened on a daily basis, one day the little boy shouted out loudly: “Open”. In that time, the earth becomes strange and opened up immediately. After that, the cracked a ditch and it became Li River and the two mountains on both sides of the river appeared as Longmen Grottoes. In fact, when Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei Dynasty moved the capital to Luoyang city, the Longmen Grottoes carved imperial’s order.

For those of you who doesn’t like to walk as much as I, you can always look at a scenery by the boat. River Hill and the woods around you will most definitely warm your heart and impress your eyes.

Longmen Grottoes - View on the river
Panoramic view of River




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