Pretty coffee, pretty girl, cute cat, beach trip, big steak. It’s all like that. Everyone on social media is having the best day ever, all the time. These days the impossible standards are looking for us behind every icon on our phones. In the same time, our focus on one thing is drastically smaller than ever before. Looking through the stats of websites that I maintain it seems that everyone is reading less and less. I can tell that even for me the process of finding interesting article can be more satisfying than reading the actual article.

The websites whose mission it was to present us with articles, photos and videos because they allowed users to post links to them, have now reshaped our attention span in such a way that we value browsing the news feed stupidly more than we value reading the actual content for which we browse the news feed in the first place.

I’m talking about social media and their algorithm which is made to make our attention on easy and most primitive pleasures. One image of a beautiful girl looking through the screen and calling for sex can make your mind lose it tails. It is the process that is so instinctive that even the knowledge that there is not a girl which will go out with you will not stop your brain from imagining it. And what is worse, it is the process that you can’t stop. In this way social media will make you always want to come back, to see another beautiful girl on your screen.

It seems that people care only about the final result and don’t want to see any struggle which has made that result possible. It feels satisfying to think that someone’s success is made only because of his luck and not because of his work or struggle. Even the content creators don’t like to show the process of making some art, article or final product because they know that the majority of people doesn’t want to see it.


This is the reason why a lot of people who works for they lives get in depression. Looking through other people feed it looks like everyone has it together but you. Stanford researchers call this “duck syndrome”. The term refers to the way a duck appears to glide effortlessly across the pond while below the surface its feet work frantically, invisibly struggling to stay afloat. This is the reason behind a lot of suicides in today’s youth. Pressure to look perfect, to make every move like from the movie, can make life of a teenager miserable. Even their parents and friends say that it seemed everything good before that event. It is a hard world where parents look at the lives of their kids through the feed of social media.

Swapping through the wall of photos in the morning is so common that a lot of people doesn’t see it like a bad habit. Losing our time to look at the pieces of other people lives can be devastating for our health. Teach yourself to threat everything that you see with some kind of judgment. The article that you just read I was writing for 2 hours. The photo of your beautiful neighbor on vacation is just a moment of her life and you don’t know what is worrying her when she goes to sleep. Everything that looks perfect is just a cream on the cake.


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