Last spring I finally found some time to visit Pula. A coastal city in Istrian County very famous by its historical importance in the Adriatic SeaTo be honest, this was not my first visit to this city, but this one will stay in my mind much more time because this was a solo trip.

While preparing for a trip I tried to remind myself of the last visit. It was the end of elementary school so everything is a little bit foggy, things that stayed in my mind are hospitality of people. Tourguide told us that in Greek Mythology this city was depicted as a place for refugees and even today locals are very warm to visitors.

Saturdays are for sightseeing and BARS

On a chilly Saturday, I decided to spend some time roaming the city and taking in the scenery of tit. My walks lead me to the famous Pula Amphitheater and it felt surreal being in this place. The Pula Amphitheater is one of the biggest of its kind in the world and it was built by the Romans. Measuring 132 X 105 X 32 meters this is one of the star attractions in the city. In ancient times, this amphitheater was used for gladiator fights. I also came across the historical golden gate which was constructed by the Romans as a sign of victory thousands of years ago. Seeing this great piece of history was amazing.

Amphiteater and Church
Part of amphiteater walls with church bell

In the evening I went to the city center for some drinks, it was really surprising to see jazz bar full of people. Sitting outside and watching life on the street well into the night is in some way a hobby for me. Friendly staff and local customers give me a very good impression of a city, even music on the speakers was really interesting. I don’t have big jazz knowledge but it was relaxing. Be prepared though, smoking is allowed inside.

Shoping on the local market

The following day, I went to a small marketplace at the center of the city. There are a lot of cool things in the market and I got some books and a few accessories as souvenirs. There were a lot of vendors selling many things from watches to military equipment. At the time of my visit, it was a bit empty as more visitors begin streaming in May. This gave me the opportunity to take some pictures to preserve the memories of this trip.

Marketplace - Pula
Old military equipment
Marketplace 2 - Pula
Discussion about price

At the time I was there, the weather was mostly cloudy and light showers at times but nothing too extreme. There are a lot of attractions here and for people who have a great interest in history, there will find Pula a haven. The prices to most of the places are fair and you will not feel like someone is cheating on you. On the end, I wish to visit this place at least one more time.

Golden Gate
Golden Gate


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