Without giving anything away, The Alchemist is a book about Santiago, a shepherd boy who embarks on a quest to find treasure. Along the way, he encounters several obstacles that makes him learn a lot of lessons in life. We can relate a lot to his character as an ordinary person who wants to succeed in life. All of us have our dreams and this book sets you on the right path to achieving them. This book is so addicting that you won’t notice how much time flies by while reading it. Furthermore, it will make you realize things you never thought you’d realize. It is no secret we need all the motivation we can get to achieve our dreams. Good thing, Pablo’s book makes you realize that there are certain things that are too impossible and things that are realistic.

When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it

Pablo’s literary masterpiece makes you realize that God is always there to guide you. You must never forget that he is always there through thick and thin. He will never abandon you no matter how difficult things get. Also, the book will make you realize the spiritual connections you have with the other living things in the planet like the trees. They are not just there to serve as decorations. They are also there to talk to you even in the most tough situations. Talking to the sky, ants and the air particles is something I thought I would never do. However, I realized that all these things serve a good purpose.

Coelho is known for his spiritual guidance books. So far, he has not disappointed with any of his literary works. There is no doubt he will continue to make outstanding books in the future. I enjoyed each one of his books and I have yet to say anything negative about any of them. Also, this book made me realize that everyone you encounter in life serves a purpose. Yes, from that noisy seatmate in college up to that person in work who always shares her sandwiches. It is just a matter of realizing what it is. There is one point when the author says that when you decide to follow your dream, everything will go for you. It is called “beginner’s luck” and it is something you need to take advantage of. Yes, it is the momentum we need to get to where we want to be.

Believe it or not, we can all relate to all the encounters of Santiago. At first, we won’t realize how we are connected to his adventures but in a matter of time. I did which means I’m sure all readers will. Sometimes, there is a deep connection so it takes a bit of patience. Yes, that is the challenging part of this book. In the beginning, it will feel like a child’s story but don’t worry about that as that will change in due time. Overall, this book is a keeper and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading books.



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