The whole idea to represent Hygge in this book is the lovely gesture by the Meik Wiking CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. Hygge is a term that doesn’t have a literal translation in many languages, but it is a concept that everyone is familiar with: that sense of warmth, comfort, coziness, belonging, safety. Something which the Danish have turned into a proper art form.

On the first pages of the book author present how to pronounce it – “hoo-gah”, or something like that. But, that is probably the only thing that you will actually learn from this book. Which is really beautiful, with nice covers, typeface and perfect photography. Best way to describe it is as a “perfect” cross between book and IKEA magazine.

That is a feeling which followed me through all of the pages. You should buy this to feel cozy, drink this to feel warm, read this to think about that, etc… It’s a little bit caricatured but I think this is the perfect way to describe that feeling.

It’s not easy to avoid thinking that you knew all the things that are written between covers. Come on… Who doesn’t like to go to the mountain cabin in winter, burn up the fire in the fireplace, make some tea, cocoa or coffee and rest under the blanket. These are the things that everybody enjoys and willing to do, but maintaining the house in mountains and going there every week is not very cheap and most likely you will need to sacrifice a lot of things in your life to achieve that goal.

Coziness overload
Coziness overload

Truthfully, the book explains that you don’t need to be rich to enjoy hygge. These cheap things you probably already did but you didn’t realize it has a fancy, Danish name, so you didn’t put it on the Instagram or Facebook to make your friends jealous.

Lightening up a few candles, eating lots of cake and wearing woolen socks will not transform your (at least it will not mine) life to some other dimension. This book can be some sort of reminder about how we should spend our life with others, connecting much more in reality and experiencing stuff which are not related to technology. Good old barbeque can make more smiles on faces than some photo on Instagram.

Enjoying Christmas with family is something that I do every year and there is nothing for which I will sacrifice that “event”. Can we tell that Christmas is an old name for a Hygge or it is just a part of a Hygge feeling? It is hard to tell…

On the end, in Hygge manner, I wish you to stay warm and don’t forget that “Winter is coming!”.

Perfect beginning of cold winter days!
Perfect beginning of cold winter days!


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