If you are thinking which island in Croatia is best to visit, you are probably having a headache. More than a seven hundred of them is quote a number. But don’t worry I have a great suggestion for you. This remote and rocky island is the best place to be if you are trying to find a little bit of peace and a lot of great food and beautiful nature. On the island you can come to 2 cites “Vis” and “Komiza”. As you can guess from the name Vis is a little bit bigger with a port, markets, post and museum. Komiza is on the other side of the island and you can go there via car from Vis or by a longer walk.

How I got there?

I started my travel to Vis via ferry from Split harbor. It is really cheap (5$) if you go only by foot and about 100$ if you decide to bring your car with you. It is about hour and a half long trip which is fun. If you decide to spend this time on the top of the ship you will get a great view on islands in the area and you can do some sunbathing while traveling. Other option is to drink domestic beers/wine in a bar of a ship which is not the cheapest thing to do but it has its own charms.


The largest collection of Hellenistic artifacts in Croatia you can find in Issa Archeological Museum. Small Austrian Fortress from 19th century is a perfect place for this kind of building. The first items on show are the Greek dishes which date back to 3rd -1st century BC which were used by Issa’s Greeks in their everyday lives. In this part of the museum you can see stone relief of the Roman god Mars, created in 1st-2nd centuries, can be seen together with three stone heads.

Vis fishing activities are displayed in second part of museum. The central item is the bow of the fishing boat positioned in such a way that it seems to have just been taken from the beach. On it and around it are fishermen’s tools and boating equipment: fishing nets, fishing spears, a boat pump, an anchor, nets, lamps and other objects.

The last part of exhibition presents local people’s furniture as well as objects linked to ship building, viticulture, goods transport and modern history.

To be honest here, you will not be very amused with this museum. It is fun for a morning visits with kids or your significant other.

Permanent exhibition in Museum of Vis
Permanent exhibition in Museum of Vis

Blue Cave (Modra špilja)

This is something really special and you can find it only in Croatia. One of the most beautiful things that you can visit while you are there is Blue Cave or Blue Grotto (Modra špilja).The cave is famous for the mesmerizing blue light filling the space at a certain time of day, when the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault. The light reflects off the water and the white seabed, wrapping the whole interior in a layer of iridescent blue.

It used to be accessible only by diving until 1884, when an artificial entrance was built above the sea surface to enable small boats to sail in. Over the years, the popularity of the cave increased up to the point where a visit to the location entails waiting in line. Is the cave worth the wait? Definitely, don’t miss to put this in your notebook if you are planning your trip to Vis.

Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo
Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo

Military past

Vis’ ideal location in the Adriatic Sea, was of strategic importance to Yugoslavian army. After the end of WWII they started establishing a number of military fortifications including a submarine base and a network of secret underground tunnels and caves across the island, some of which you can visit today. There are even tourist companies which are specialized for this kind of visits.

Submarine bunker
Military past can bee seen everywhere on the island

Perfect panorama view from Hum

The highest point of the island of Vis – Hum peak (587 m) will give you a perfect view of the surrounding archipelago and town of Komiža. While you are up there it is hard to not notice the beautiful stone chapel that truly blends into the whole landscape. 

Of course that I will come back!

It’s amazing how a small island like this can have so much content for visitors. During summer catch up on old movies in the open air cinema, explore the Greek and Roman history of the island at the Archaeological Museum. Head around the bay to the Franciscan Church and Monastery which was built on the site of a Roman ampitheatre and then continue up the hill to take in the view from Fort George.

For me Vis is one of these places where you can always find something interesting. Having a bike or a car is helpful and it will allow you an easy access for all beautiful places which you don’t want to miss.

If you’re wondering if I’ll visit Vis again, my answer is very simple. Of course!


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