Back home from yet another weekend trip. This time I was in Belgrade. Trip that I was wishing for last two years but never was a good time to actually do it finally happen. Ex-Yugoslavians biggest city and today capital of Serbia is the place where a lot of different cultures met and every one of them put some mark on it. I had about 32 hours to spend there so I didn’t find time to visit everything that I wanted but it was worth it.

The most important thing about any city is his soul. How people breath with tourists and what is the first impression of the streets. And Belgrade surprised me very much. Everyone is so welcoming and very interested to hear some story from you. One of the waitresses even started to recite the song which is very famous in my hometown which is surprising to me, especially because this was really old song.


Belgrade is so huge that you can’t visit it in a day or two and I had only a little bit of time, so I take a visit to Belgrade fortress and Kalemgdan park. Okay, this is one of these places where you can be for days and still you will find something interesting to see. It is old fort which is a symbol of a town. Located on the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube, it makes one of the most beautiful natural lookouts in Belgrade. Kalemegdan is the most popular park among Belgraders and for many tourists visiting Belgrade because of the park’s numerous winding walking paths, shaded benches, picturesque fountains, statues, historical architecture and scenic river views.
Through all of the fortress, you can find a lot of entrances and shafts which leads to kilometers-long tunnels, underground corridors and catacombs, which are still largely unexplored. In the true sense, the fortress is today the green oasis in the Belgrade’s urban area.

Military Museum

In a center of a fortress you can find a military museum which has a lot of exposed tanks and artillery in natural size. Built-in 1878 has more than 3000 ancient and modern items. It is remarkable to see all these tanks in old and “medieval” surroundings. Unfortunately, the inner part of the museum didn’t work during my visit so I didn’t see any of their huge collection of guns and rifles.
As you can see on my pictures weather didn’t serve me during my visit so I wish to come back to take more photos and to meet some new cool people.
Stay sharp and have a nice week, Daan.


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