Today our daily lives become more fragmented and isolated, it may seem impossible to find good travel companion with almost the same interests and enough of free time to actually stop daydreaming about traveling and start doing it. What is great about this is every traveler is having the same problem. Because of that, there is enough of people doing solo traveling which you can meet while you are in a hostel or in a bar.

After doing a few solo trips I can tell you 7 reasons which will motivate you to pack your backpack and go somewhere.

Focusing on destination

While you are making your plans for traveling with someone it is sometimes very hard to choose a destination which will please all of your companions. Someone like to take a lot of partying, someone likes to visit museums and galleries and there are people who like to immerse themselves into the culture. It is very hard to find location wich will make all these people happy.

When you are traveling alone, the lack of other people can make you engage much more in the things that you like. This is why many travelers experience much better time while traveling alone.

Financial control

While traveling with your SO or with a group of people you will find yourself often spending a lot more money than while traveling alone. Let’s be honest taking a dinner in some beautiful and cozy restaurant can be tricky to avoid while you are with your girlfriend.

When you are a solo traveler you can easily avoid expensive tickets to museums, galleries and walking tours. Or, if you want to spend as little as possible on food it is much cheaper to do it while traveling alone. Solo trips are a perfect solution if you don’t want to step outside of your budget.

Changing plans

For me, this is the most important thing while traveling. If I am going to some city where weather conditions are poor I want to be free to change my plans and go somewhere else. This is hard to do if you are in groups because a lot of people already have plans in that area.

Keeping you rhythm

As a morning person which like to walk and take photos of streets, squares and parks when everybody else is sleeping it is hard to find a traveler who wants to do that with me. Keeping your rhythm will make your trips much better and enjoyable. Just imagine if you are feeling sick and want to spend all day in a hotel room reading books, watching tv and eating snacks. This is so easy to make while on the trip.

Building Confidence

Imagine waking up in an empty hotel, where nearly no one knows you are there, with the hours ahead lying entirely unscripted and your sense of possibilities is nearly exploding. This feeling can be so charging and terrific in the same time.

However, it will build up your confidence and will bring a lot of opportunities in your life at home and at your job.

Engaging with locals

While traveling with someone you can easily find yourself to rely on that person. If you are not very good in a foreign language you will not even try to talk with locals you will just make that other person to do hard work for you. But, if you are traveling solo, every walk to somewhere can be very exciting. Imagine buying a loaf of bread in a shop where no one is talking your language.

Don’t forget if you’re by yourself, it’s often easier for someone else to strike up a conversation with you. This will help you to make new friends and to experience the place from the perspective of locals.

Learning about yourself

When you venture out into the world on your own, you eventually need to face who you are, what you care about and what you want to do with your time. Traveling with others you will find great friendship, diversion and fun; but traveling alone you might find yourself.


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