Mostar is one of the most beautiful places in touristically underrated country Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I wrote an article about my hometown I intentionally avoided these places. Located only 10 minutes if you are traveling with a car from Mostar they can be perfect Saturday trip outside the city.

Blagaj Tekke

This small village near Mostar is hiding small monastery for those of the Dervish faith. Covered on the bottom of the natural cliff the Blagaj Tekke was constructed around 1520 and it is incredibly well preserved example of Ottoman architecture.

The most surprising thing about this monastery is that you are allowed to go inside of it. Of course, you will be asked to remove your shoes and to dress modestly because this is religious building. For women’s this means that they need to put something on their had to cover their hair. After that is done you can go inside and admire traditional Ottoman architecture and the rugs that are covering floors of this monastery.

Blagaj Monastery
Blagaj Monastery

When I was there line to get inside was empty but from what I can hear from visitors it can be around 4 km long. Don’t forget that you need to pay ticket for entering in the zone of monastery. It’s actually not very expensive around 3$ and you can visit whatever you want in that area.

After we did our tour through the monastery we sit down for some traditional Bosnian coffee. This is something which you don’t want to miss. If you need to wait in a row for 15 minutes you need to try it. You will get the best experience of the coffee in the entire city.

Bosnian Coffee - Blagaj Tekke
Bosnian Coffee in traditional dishes at Blagaj

Looking away from the Tekke on the top of the hill is placed Blagaj Fort. Which was the next part of our journey.

Blagaj Fort (Stjepan Grad)

At an elevation of 310 metres (1,020 ft) above sea level and 266 metres (873 ft) above the source of the river Buna. Blagaj Fort is the most beautiful castle in Herzegovina. Located very close to Mostar it is giving really medieval experience.

Flat site above vertical cliffs to the south, west and north will give you perfect panoramic view of the area. It is hard to imagine how much of work was needed to build it.

Walking path to the Stjepan Grad Blagaj Fort
Walking path to the Stjepan Grad

The name (Stjepan Town) comes from the duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača who titled himself herzog (ruler) of Herzegovina region. Later on when the Ottomans invaded and conquered Bosnia the fort was repaired and in service until 1835, but had long before that lost its significance as Mostar had taken that role in the region.

As we walked to the fortress, we wondered how people who needed to defend/attack this fort felt. It is so hard to climb in light clothes and good sneakers, imagine how it was to do that under the helmet and with a sword.

Blagaj Fort inner shield
Blagaj Fort inner shield

If you are in Mostar and you want to experience something different from usual touristic locations, this one should be the first on your list. On the end, I will put some old photos of the place so you can fully enjoy its beauty.


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