Blagaj in the distance
Blagaj | Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is my first photography challange ever and to be honest I am very excited about it. I think that Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge titled “In the Distance”  is the perfect place to start.

I will try to do these challanges in the way that I shot a photo in a week of a challange. In this way it will be much harder and it will save me some time scrolling through the library. We will see how this idea will work in a future.

The Balkan region is very known by a huge amount of fortresses and castles. The biggest number of them are in the state of ruin but they can serve as beautiful goal for hiking.

This week I went to the Blagaj fort or as local call it “Stjepan grad” not once but twice. It is a beautiful castle which is in a state of restauration, so its condition is much better than other castles.

While looking to the valley I saw small village under it called Blagaj I found it interesting how it looks small and foggy in the distance. Imagine how hard it was to keep my Cannon 1200D stable while shooting with 220 mm on the 4°C.

On the end, I am putting here old postcard of Blagaj Fort. So you can see how steep is that hill.

Stjepan grad fort on the Hill
Stjepan grad fort on the Hill


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