Usually my hometown is known like a place with a lot of sunny days, but this year we got almost 12 days in a row under the clouds. As you expect I am not a big fan of it. Because, rain mixed with a strong wind is not giving a lot of time to spend outdoor or in a nature.

Reading some cool books and other people blogs is something which I use to shorten these days. At least until yesterday when I got an idea while looking through my window to make a photo with my new tele-macro lens.

High hills around my place are giving me perfect scenography. So, the only job that I needed to do is waiting for the perfect moment. The first photo is of the hill known as Fortica. If you were a tourist in Mostar this is the hill with that words on it with Old Bridge symbol. If you ever wondered they are translated in local language as “Bosnia and Herzegovina We Love You”.

Behind that hill, on the same photo, you can barely see under a lot of snow in the middle of the clouds one bigger mountain called Velež. By the legend, a cold northern wind called “Bura” is born on that mountain. From there it comes to the city and blows up all dust from the streets. On the end, it comes back to Velež where it sleep in caves and grottoes waiting for the next trip to the city.

On the second photo, you can see a little part of the hill “Planinica” which name translated to English means “Small Mountain” and behind it is the big mountain Čvrsnica. Between these two mountains, there is a canon of Neretva about which I already wrote not so long before. You can find it after the click on this text.

Clouds over the hill
Clouds over the hill

All photos are done with my Canon 1200D and Tamron 70-300mm lens with focal length of 300mm and ISO of 100. Photo editing is done in a software called Darktable which is free alternative for Lightroom.


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