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Colorful and old streets of Labin – Croatia

Labin Center Square - Croatia
Labin Center Square - Croatia

Short days, long nights and low temperatures tend to slow down everything around us. Everything looks a little bit greyish and dirty, so it is easy enough to take 2-3 lazy days in the row and not feel any guilt about it.

Thinking about that and wanting to come out of that state I started to scroll through my library of photos to find something which will cheer up these cloudy days and give me some inspiration for February trips. While searching through the gallery two photos marked with 5 stars appeared to be wonderful for this “therapy”.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: In the distance

Blagaj in the distance
Blagaj | Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is my first photography challange ever and to be honest I am very excited about it. I think that Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge titled “In the Distance”  is the perfect place to start.

I will try to do these challanges in the way that I shot a photo in a week of a challange. In this way it will be much harder and it will save me some time scrolling through the library. We will see how this idea will work in a future.

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