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Fear is only as deep as the mind allows – Life without limits – book review


Today I want to write about a man, who is an inspiration to all of us and proof that all the obstacles we face can be overcome. He was born without limbs and two slightly malformed feet. His classmates called him “alien” but he overcame his disabilities and became successful. He has poured his heart into spreading the message of unlocking personal happiness and that way helped many people realize the happiness is achievable. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – this man traveled all around the world. He is a proud father of a bright young boy and a husband of a beautiful woman. The person I’m talking about is “hiding” behind the name of Nick Vujicic. He was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1982 to Dušanka and Borislav Vujičić, Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia. Although I stumbled upon one of his speeches on Youtube a few years ago, I bought his book “Life without limits” just recently.

The Meaning behind George Orwell’s “1984”


George Orwell opens his book 1984 with presentation of “double-think”. Concept of holding two opposing ideas in ones mind simultaneously.  Society that he created for his book is experiencing so much contradictions in their life that they are afraid to think, speak or do anything.

Life is a movie in the eyes of other people


Imagine that you are walking into the movie complex, where every movie is about you. You are the main star but directors are people which spend time with you. On the first silver screen you watch a movie which is directed by your mother, after 10 minutes you live a room wondering about what she is talking. On the second screen there is a movie directed by your brother, on the third one by your partner, on fourth by your boss. You go in and out without believing to your eyes.

The Battle Between Destiny and Free Will

The Struggle Between Destiny and Free Will
The Struggle Between Destiny and Free Will

One of the greatest science fiction movies of all time is the trilogy of Matrix. After getting up on the Netflix train I got a lot of suggestions to watch this masterpiece. Even after a fifth watch I find it mesmerizing to get some new ideas and ways to see everyday problems. That is probably the reason why some movies are called classics and others not.

Social Media – Universally accepted addiction

Social Media
Social Media Addiction

Pretty coffee, pretty girl, cute cat, beach trip, big steak. It’s all like that. Everyone on social media is having the best day ever, all the time. These days the impossible standards are looking for us behind every icon on our phones. In the same time, our focus on one thing is drastically smaller than ever before. Looking through the stats of websites that I maintain it seems that everyone is reading less and less. I can tell that even for me the process of finding interesting article can be more satisfying than reading the actual article.

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