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How To Stay Connected With Your Friends When Traveling

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Traveling throughout the world is one of the most fun and exciting activities you can treat yourself to. However, the sad thing about traveling is that the longer you are away, the more disconnected you get from your family and friends. In addition to uncertainties by your friends and family on your whereabouts and how you are doing, it may also lead you to be homesick, and possibly ruin your mood. You may also miss important events like graduation, anniversaries and even birthdays. Today, modern technology has gone a long way to ensure that you are less disconnected from your friends and family when traveling.

7 reasons to travel alone

Solo travel by a car

Today our daily lives become more fragmented and isolated, it may seem impossible to find good travel companion with almost the same interests and enough of free time to actually stop daydreaming about traveling and start doing it. What is great about this is every traveler is having the same problem. Because of that, there is enough of people doing solo traveling which you can meet while you are in a hostel or in a bar.

After doing a few solo trips I can tell you 7 reasons which will motivate you to pack your backpack and go somewhere.

7 Unique Gifts for Travelers that will make them Smile

Unique gifts for Travelers
Unique gifts for Travelers

Are you struggling to find the best and utilizable gifts for your traveler buddies? (Tough life though). Most of the times our struggle goes wrong and we end up getting things that just occupy space in their bags, never to be seen again. And sometimes we might end up wasting our money on getting them something that won’t even see the light of the day (BEEN THERE DONE THAT).

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