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What I Believe by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi will make you rethink religion

Tolstoy - What I Believe

One of these books in which you don’t have a lot of hope before you read it. Tolstoy is very famous by his “Anna Karenina”, “War and Peace” and “The Cossack’s” but I never heard about this masterpiece before. What I Believe (also called My Religion) is published in 1884. like a classic work from a great teacher in Christ. It has been commonly said that Martin Luther King Jr was influenced by Tolstoy and this book will give you true meaning of these sayings.

Daorson – Mysterious ancient capital in the south of Herzegovina

Daorson South Tower

Moving through the Bosnia and Herzegovina you will find a lot of interesting historical buildings and places. Daorson is for sure the most mysterious and unknown place in whole country. The remains of this once strongest town in the wider area are located in Ošanići, near Stolac in Herzegovina. It consisted of three parts, the central of which was a fortress – acropolis protected by ”Cyclopean” walls made of huge stone blocks (similar to the Mycenaean ones in Greece). It included all important administrative, public and religious buildings. The defense wall stretching from southwest to northeast was 65 m long, 4.2 m wide and between 4.5 and 7.5 m high, and it had gates and towers at both ends.

Vis: The Best island in Croatia that you have to visit

Church of St. Spirit
Church of St. Spirit

If you are thinking which island in Croatia is best to visit, you are probably having a headache. More than a seven hundred of them is quote a number. But don’t worry I have a great suggestion for you. This remote and rocky island is the best place to be if you are trying to find a little bit of peace and a lot of great food and beautiful nature. On the island you can come to 2 cites “Vis” and “Komiza”. As you can guess from the name Vis is a little bit bigger with a port, markets, post and museum. Komiza is on the other side of the island and you can go there via car from Vis or by a longer walk.

Weekend trip to Belgrade

Kalemgdan winner statue
Kalemgdan winner statue

Back home from yet another weekend trip. This time I was in Belgrade. Trip that I was wishing for last two years but never was a good time to actually do it finally happen. Ex-Yugoslavians biggest city and today capital of Serbia is the place where a lot of different cultures met and every one of them put some mark on it. I had about 32 hours to spend there so I didn’t find time to visit everything that I wanted but it was worth it.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho – A book that has overcome the boundaries of the books

Paulo Coelho - Alchemist
Perfect place for reading book like this

Without giving anything away, The Alchemist is a book about Santiago, a shepherd boy who embarks on a quest to find treasure. Along the way, he encounters several obstacles that makes him learn a lot of lessons in life. We can relate a lot to his character as an ordinary person who wants to succeed in life. All of us have our dreams and this book sets you on the right path to achieving them. This book is so addicting that you won’t notice how much time flies by while reading it. Furthermore, it will make you realize things you never thought you’d realize. It is no secret we need all the motivation we can get to achieve our dreams. Good thing, Pablo’s book makes you realize that there are certain things that are too impossible and things that are realistic.

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